The band

Valagon is a rock band from Bergen, located on the west coast of Norway, with Jante on vocals, Alf Holme on guitar, Tim Skønberg on drums, Ronny Olsen on bass and Roy Bjørge on keyboards. 

It all started when Alf met Jante in 2019 to present some new guitar riffs that Alf had been working on a couple of years prior to this meeting. Jante liked what he heard and came up with lyrics and vocals that gave Alf's riffs a new meaning. Jante and Alf met Tim and Ronny in 2020, and Valagon evolved into songs and melodies that can be described as a hybrid of different rock genres and eras. The lyrics address several themes such as free will, control, independence, relationship dynamics, personal identity and freedom to be yourself and to dream.

During the next couple of years they had enough songs ready to make an album, and recording sessions began early 2023. The first single Talking About You was released 20th December, and was followed with two more single releases early 2024 before releasing the debut album Glowing Eyes 15th March 2024.

Roy Bjørge contributed on keyboards/organ on this album. The band liked very much what Roy did, and a desire to have him as a permanent member of Valagon quickly arose. Luckily for the band, it turned out to be mutual, and he became a permanent member in April 2024.